About Us

Forces@WORK is a Prospect project.

Prospect Human Services is an organization backed by over 50 years of experience in managing transitions to civilian employment. We started out serving personnel of Canada’s military by offering a place for World War II veterans and veterans of the Korean War to connect to the community and the workforce.

Over time, the demand for employment supports shifted to other populations and Prospect developed a reputation as a leader and catalyst in the collective effort required to build a productive and diverse workforce. That being said, our understanding of the unique challenges associated with transitioning from military to civilian life has defined a significant part of who we are.

In 2010, we reconnected with the challenges military personnel often face in transitioning to civilian employment. We quickly recognized how our employment model could fill a critical gap in the existing transition services for Canadian Forces (CF) personnel.

Therefore, in accordance with our mandate, Prospect designed Forces@WORK.  The objective of Forces@WORK is to support members of the Canadian Forces and veterans in successfully transitioning to suitable civilian employment and to ensure that they will be able to maintain, if not exceed, the quality of life attained in their military careers.

We are currently offering services in Alberta.

For more information on Prospect Human Services please see www.prospectnow.ca.

Our Mission

Prospect Human Services exists to reduce barriers and deliver sustainable solutions so that every individual, regardless of circumstance, can reach his or her employment potential.

Our Vision

Progressive workplaces capable of nurturing a productive and diverse workforce.

Prospect focuses on five key stakeholder groups.

  • Individuals who are ready, willing, and able to work, and who require support to find careers that maximize their economic contribution; individuals receiving employment assistance; immigrants; older workers; individuals returning to the workforce; individuals living with a disability, and/or are transitioning from the military. 
  • Individuals who require pre-employment support prior to achieving their vocational goals and aspirations; individuals facing significant personal, community, or workplace barriers to full participation.
  • Service providers and support networks that provide complementary support to Prospect clients.
  • Employers who understand their duty to accommodate and support an inclusive workforce.
  • Industry associations and sectors committed to taking a leadership role in building towards inclusive workplaces.
  • Government agencies with mandates to facilitate workforce initiatives and employment services for groups facing challenges to labour market participation.