Are You Eligible?

Any transitioning member of the Canadian Armed Forces is eligible for the Forces@WORK program. We also serve:

  • Priority releasing ill & injured members
  • Reservists
  • Retiring regular force members
  • Veterans
  • Priority spouses or families dealing with a medical release
  • Spouses and youth (15-25 years of age) of serving regular force members

And best of all, Forces@WORK is available at no cost, since Prospect is a charitable not-for-profit. If you are ready to work, want to leverage the skills you gained in the military and retain the quality of life you have earned, all you need is a referral from the IPSC, BPSO, a Commanding Officer, Veterans Affairs Canada, the Military Family Resource Centre, or SISIP.

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What We Offer

Forces@WORK is the only program of its kind, offering rapid and hands-on direct employment placement support, retention supports for individuals and employers, and follow-up services. Forces@WORK participants get a personalized plan with mutual responsibilities, clear actions, and reasonable time frames to help achieve employment goals.

Thumbs Up

Forces@WORK participants have given the program an average satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5. Here are some of the other outcomes of the program:

  • 91% placement rate
  • 98% met/exceeded career goals
  • 47% attained a higher civilian rank and salary
  • 73% placed in fewer than three months

Harsh Reality? OR Good To Know?

In a survey of 850 employers, just 13% said that their HR departments know how to read a resume from a military applicant and only 3% knew where to receive training on how to read one. Forces@WORK can help you make your skills understood, providing rapid job placement and retention supports for stability.

Why Us?

There are a number of good reasons why you should enlist the help of Forces@WORK. Prospect worked with former and serving members of the military to design the program. We work with more than 250 employers who appreciate military experience. We know who is hiring, and have forecasts for hot job sectors in the future. And we provide placement and retention supports that make sense for both the employer and employee.

Forces@WORK is the only hands-on placement and retention service for ill and injured veterans and those facing a complex transition. Our service is based on rapid and direct placement and retention supports for both individual and employer. All aspects of the program have been informed by users.

Forces@WORK is proven effective and backed by rigorous evaluation framework. Candidates receive customized one-one support and a combination of in-person and web-based service access.

Prospect’s Forces@WORK program works with employers to help them understand how to recognize the skills you bring to the table. Our broad network of 250+ employers offers opportunities ranging from trades and labour to professional positions. We will customize our services to your individual requirements. We offer personal and online services. You can communicate with us anytime, anywhere. And remember, Forces@WORK is offered to eligible candidates and employers at no cost.

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We Also Help Employers

Prospect has another program that helps transitioning members of the Canadian Armed Forces even if they’re not participants in Forces@WORK. Our BaseToBusiness program works with employers, ensuring that they know where to find candidates with military experience, understand qualifications, and are aware of cultural differences between military and civilian workplaces.

By working with employers we can smooth the road for all transitioning members of the Canadian Armed Forces looking for civilian jobs. Because let’s face it, if an employer can’t tell a BMQ from an AMSC, there’s bound to be a SNAFU.

I’m an employer and I’d like more information about recruiting transitioning members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

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To be referred into the program, contact your local IPSC Services Coordinator

If you’re an employer who is interested in tapping a pool of skilled candidates, contact
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